Simply Recipes

Frustrated with the existing recipe manager apps available, I created my own! The interface is minimalist and easy to use, while still being packed with the features you expect. Ingredients can be scaled and even converted between volumes and weights, English and metric. Recipes imported from websites are cleaned up and formatted automatically.

Automatic Nutrition

When you add a recipe, ingredients are interpreted to determine what it is and how much is in the recipe. Each ingredient is checked against a database and totaled up to determine the nutritional content of the recipe, helping you make more informed choices about what to eat.


When you import a recipe from a website or paste text from some other source, the ingredients are interpreted to determine quantities and units, even modifiers like "chopped" or "diced". Temperatures and timers are recognized for easier cooking.

Cook Mode

Ready to cook? Enter cook mode to see each step presented with its associated ingredients. Timers found in the instruction are identified and set up automatically, ready for your use.

More Features

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