End Plan – About the Man and Why He Doesn’t Have a Name

I was going to wait until part 2 of the backstory before writing and posting this, but enough people have raised questions about “the man” that I thought it might be worth a separate post.

I met the man in Corner Brook, NL. Or at least, I met the person who inspired him. I was sitting outside the hotel on some concrete retaining wall doing what I do best (sitting and smoking), watching the traffic and happenings on the street, when an older (say, 40’s) man carrying a duffle bag walked by on the other side of the street. He spotted me, put down the duffle bag and walked across the street. He was neat and well-groomed and clean but, let’s say, a bit travelworn.

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End Plan Backstory – Part 1

Although almost no one has asked me about the backstory for End Plan, I thought I’d put it together anyway – mostly as notes to my future-self but, hey, just in case anyone was curious.

End Plan is an unabashedly Canadian novel. The places and people are as real (or in some cases as real-feeling) as I could get through travel, observation and conversation. Quite a lot of the time, it felt pretty real to me as I overlaid a vacation with a very thin layer of alternate reality.

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